an idiot in london


Wednesday, 26th April.

Continued from 25th April...

Ever since our fruitless search for Fitney Spheres' new video clip, every time we turn one of the music video channels that clip is on. Not that we're complaining. So we no longer have to search for Fitney, she comes to us.

So last night while channel surfing we saw her latest single (called by one BBC Radio1 DJ as "Oops I released the same record again") three times. And her first video as well. (And yep, they're fake.) And an interview with her. After seeing the interview we decided that she's nice to look at.

Just as I was ready to hit the hay, Jules asks me if I feel like a walk down to the offie. Now this does not mean we are going to pay a visit to a local off-spinner. Rather the off-licence. Just wait till England discovers the Drive-thru Bottle Shop. When we returned, tinnies were cracked (by Jules and Mox) and we started handballing the footy around. In preparation for tonight!

Jules and Goodhand weren't home when I burst through the door at the Dawes Road Palace this evening. Goodhand is another medical student. We were all going for a kick. They got back at 8pm, still enough light for a good kick-to-kick. They were off having a round of golf. Apparently it's a compulsory unit for medical students.

This was the first time either of them had kicked a footy. Goodhand couldn't handball for quids, shame cos he had a great name for an on-baller. Somehow we managed to avoid the puddles that littered the park. The kicking was erratic, and I'm glad there wasn't anyone with us who was really good, because then I wouldn't have appeared to be a football wizard!

I wore my Carlton jumper (long sleeves a la SOS) and displayed a gangly style that makes the Carlton fullback look co-ordinated. Soon we'll get more lads together, and maybe try to have a game. Could be the first time that I'm first pick for a footy match!