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Thursday, 28th September.
Leon part 2

I'm sorry to say that the Ian/Dawes Road Palace vocabulary has had something of an impact on my fellow pilgrims. It's more than Barb and Noelle saying "bugger" and "bloody", they've started to use words like "need" and "far". I think they might be taking the piss out of me.

Speaking of which, that phrase ("taking the piss") isn't in common usage in Canada, it would seem. So if you're ever in Canada, you can take the piss out of people by giving them the forks.

(Just don't mention the way they say "about".)

Well now that I've mentioned it, I may as well carry on. Canadians do not say "aboot" when they say "about", but they sure as hell don't say "about" like the rest of the world does. It is a monumental crack-up, and they just can't hear the difference.

So, what did we do today? We just bumbled around Leon. The weather was atrocious. Wet. We think we may have eaten too many pastries. (That's got nothing to do with the weather.) There's definitely a bit of pastry overload going on. We checked out of the hotel and in at the refugio. The bloke at the refugio took the piss out of me (there's that phrase again) over my passport photo. (It was taken at the end of 1996, when I looked like I was a member of Oasis.) Checked out the Basilica of San Isidoro, had a wander around the beautiful cathedral (much more impressive than the one in Burgos), cruised around a bit. Refugio got flooded during the afternoon, luckily the dormitory is on the first floor.

Sleeping with Noelle tonight. What a tart I am.