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Tuesday, 26th September.

And now there is Shh! Woman. Shh! Woman is another one of the French troupe. It is her mission to to tell everyone who is making the slightest noise after lights-out at the refugio to Ssh! Good grief.

Today we walked past trees. The path we walked today was lined with precisely-spaced trees. For me it was every 11 steps, for Noelle it was every 13, and the same for Barb. Dave started at 9 and ended at 12. He claims they were closer together in the morning. I don't buy that.

As we trudged through Bercianos del Real Camino (we ought to get some placenames like that in Australia! Don't get me wrong, Daroobalgie, Oodnadatta, Woollomoolloo and Tarrawanna all rock, but maybe we could get some placenames that just have too many words in them!) there was a truck slowly winding its way through the streets, with a PA attached to it blaring some message to the local inhabitants. "Vote 1 Sanchez"? "Stay in your homes!"? We didn't know. The funny part was we hardly saw a soul other than the driver of this truck!

The truck reprised its appearance at El Burgo Raneros. There we stopped at a bar, where the wasps came free of charge. As did a puppy with sad eyes. Barb somehow managed to kill a fly with her arse. She is very agile. (and single!)

We found the refugio in Reliegos, and we were greeted by the sight of Underpants Man...fully clothed! Maybe he was washing his underpants.

Perhaps he's powerless without them?