an idiot in spain

santiago diaries

Sunday, 10th September.
Happy Birthday

(taken directly from my diary entry for 10th September).

Wake up at midnight, can't get back to sleep until after 3:30am. Ground hard and lumpy. Woke up at 7am. Open birthday card from Mum. Have a crap. Pack everything up. Buzzing last night turns out to be nearby power lines. Clothes left out last night are damp. Bugger. Walk to Ilarratz, refill at fountain and have breakfast - bread and salami. Doof-doof-doof at Larrasoana - I thought it was a broken washing machine from a distance. Remnants of last night's rave. John and Sandy catch up with me at Zuriain. Zabaldica - church with statue of St James. Old ladies sitting in shade on avenue entering Pamplona. Suburbs of Pamplona, meet Brazilian girl (Catherine?) who was living in London for last seven months. Walk and talk with her until centre of Pamplona, she and her father going to next refugio. John and Sandy are doing same thing as me - hotel tonight! I take a room for two nights. I'm exhausted, and intimidated by language. Hotel la Perla - Plaza del Castillo. I have a quick shower, change, enter Plaza under blazing 2pm Spanish sun. Wander around, ring Mum. Talk for 20 mins, then I try to buy some food. Pointing, "dos", I get a bacon and egg omlette in baguette and a coke. Happy birthday. I sit in the Plaza under shade, sipping coke. Stretch legs, back to hotel. Do some washing, go to bed (siesta!) very tired. Wake up at 7pm (alarm for 6pm!) lie in until 8pm, bumble around, shave, head out into Plaza at 9pm. Bright moon alone in sky of deep dark blue, as close to black as blue can get. Plaza is alive. I swagger to Calle de San Nicolas, peruse eateries, eat at Bar San Nicolas - set meal 2000ptas. Bumble my way through meal (beautiful salad, grilled salmon - not entirely cooked, and an apple!) sauntered into slightly cooler evening air, back to hotel, clock approaching 11pm.