an idiot in spain

santiago diaries


There are just so many things that happened in Spain that I didn't include in the Santiago diaries. Some of them I'm saving for the movie. Others I forgot to put in. For example, I'd done all the hard work setting up for a great Canadian "aboot" joke, but then forgot to include it in the entry for October 2nd. (That might have been because of the Lights Woman story.)

(They don't really say "aboot". Honest.)

As for the weak ending of it all, well I'm sorry about that. Saying goodbye isn't one of my strong points. Unless someone's got me thoroughly pissed off. But that's only ever happened a couple of times.

In this case the sudden separation was a shock. We all knew it was coming, but it was a shock nonetheless. We'd been living in each other's pockets for the last month, and in the space of a few hours we were scattered all over Europe: me to London, Dave to Portugal, and the beautiful girls from Canadia to the south of Spain. So how do you say goodbye? (uh, adios?)

Hey that sounds like a great power balled - "How Do You Say Goodbye?" I'll write it tonight and send it off to Bon Jovi.

Anyway, I'm sure I'll work out a great farewell scene by the time I write the movie. And I'll be last to leave, that would work out better. The girls wanted to catch a train to Seville the night before anyway. But let me tell you what really happened in the square in Santiago. Let me tell you how I said goodbye.

I rolled down the window of the taxi and yelled out "WA-HEY!" as the taxi drove off. The driver thought that was hilarious.