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santiago diaries

Saturday, 7th October.

I could bore you with the details of the towns we went through today, the daytime fireworks (what was the point of that?), a wooden carving of the crucifixion, a French woman talking in her sleep, but I won't. Instead, here are two photos that sum up the day:

my posed little pilgrims

above (l-r): Dave, Barb and Noelle.

In the evening we ate at the refugio at Rivadiso de Baixo. As we finished dinner, a sturdy man at the other end of the table started singing Spanish songs, in a strong, proud voice. He sang accompanied only by the clapping of the other pilgrims. He sang and we listened. He sang and we wished we could sing. As his voice echoed around the hall we smiled: we arrive in the outskirts of Santiago tomorrow.

(Afterwards someone asked me to take a photo of them all. In Spain they don't say "cheese", they say "patatas"!)