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Thursday, 12th October.
The end

As we wandered through the streets of Santiago this morning, we noticed that the shops were all closed and there was no-one in the street. Is this some special Thursday morning siesta thing?

The weather is being typically schizophrenic, belting down with rain and then sunny, blue skies. Little wonder all the locals carry umbrellas slung over their shoulders.

Today is our last day together. First to leave was Dave.

We went to the Cathedral, where we met up with Isabel. Dave was going back to Portugal with Isabel for a few days. Isabel explained to us that today is Spain's national day, therefore a holiday. Guess that'll mean that there are no buses running to the airport, either. Nice. Better to find out now than at the bus station.

Then there were three. We were Dave-less for the first time in weeks. We went to a bar and had one final bocadillo together, while some parade was being shown on the tv. Not much was said.

At two o'clock we wandered into the streets to find a cab to take me to the airport. Alarmingly quickly I managed to hail one, and all of a sudden I was being whisked away to the airport.

"Raindrops keep falling on my head" was playing over the PA at the airport.

As we flew over London I looked down and saw Tower Bridge, Hyde Park, Earl's Court, then the Dawes Road Palace! Tomorrow I'll be in Dublin. Next week I'll be in Germany. When will this madness end?