an idiot in london


Friday, 10th November.

Now let me just explain a few things...

1 When I got back to London from Germany, I stayed at the Dawes Road Palace for a few days. But me sleeping in the living room wasn't working out.

2 So now I'm sleeping at Jonah's place, which is actually a dental surgery. What? No really, it is. By day the living room turns into the waiting room. I'm sleeping in the hallway downstairs. Jonah's flatmate is called Rob. He's an Australian too. A Bombers fan, but otherwise an Australian.

3 I found work within 24 hours of returning to London. Not bad. I'm back at Logica, just doing stuff.

4 One of Jonah's workmates, James, has a room for rent. I'm going to have a look at it on Saturday.

5 Carna Blues!

6 There is no 6.

7 crikey do ya reckon I can survive another year without football? I'm in pain over here!