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May 2001

Wednesday, 9th May 2001.

History of Rodney From Mayfield (continued)

On a website where too much Rodney is not nearly enough, let's see what else we've been able to find out about the man of legend, Rodney From Mayfield.

I'm led to believe that Rodney is a Richmond supporter, and could often be seen in the Brisbane Street mall wearing his Richmond beanie. I was told something about girls from Brooks High School, but I won't repeat that. What you all want to know is, Where Is Rodney Now? Is he still a Rodney?

I am reliably informed that Rodney From Mayfield is indeed still Rodney From Mayfield. That is, he is still a Rodney, and he still lives in Mayfield. He makes the odd call to 7LA on a Saturday night, when apparently they have a blast from the past show of sorts.

So there you have it. The story of another Great Figure in the History of Launceston. You can all sleep easy tonight.