an idiot in london

May 2001

Tuesday, 1st May 2001.
May Day

Towards the end of last week we received word that the May Day protesters would be targeting the part of London where I work. Specifically, the building where I work! Many offices have put on extra security, staff are being advised to dress casual and to avoid leaving the building during the day. Is it all a hoax? Are there really any capitalists in Mayfair or are they all well-dressed anarchists? Stay tuned for updates during the day!


Noticed many Fulham boys attempting to dress casual, but they look like well-off capitalist types anyway. I'm wearing grubby tousers and my Carlton jacket...a Brunswick-based wino??


One security guard at the car dealership at Green Park tube station, no sign of trouble.


All quiet on the west end front. Three arrests so far following the bike ride protest this morning. I'm feeling a little bit hungry, I wonder if there are any biscuits in the kitchen?


Sirens and the sound of the odd helicopter. Not that the helicopter sounded odd.


Mayfair is still free of the protests elsewhere in the west end. Some people are standing around in the rain in Oxford Street, but that's about it. There aren't any biscuits in the kitchen.


Rumours of strife at Oxford Circus and mobs gathering on the Park Lane side of Hyde Park.


Word is that things are kicking off now in Oxford Street, and the protesters are heading towards Hanover Square. Well, I've got nothing to do here, I'm off to check out proceedings! From a respectful distance, i.e. sufficient distance for me to be able to leg it if things turn real ugly.


I wandered around for about half-an-hour, and all I saw were masses of riot squads, hordes of the great unwashed wandering around aimlessly and groups of lads looking for trouble and simply not finding it. Well, it's back to rough-as-guts Fulham for me!