an idiot in london


...nothing of note happened today

I'm getting over another cold, and had a hectic day at work. While nothing of any interest to anyone in the outside world happened on planetian on this day, I received on Friday a copy of a photo of me taken at the recent Spurs-list dinner.

As you can see, it was taken BH. (Before Haircut.) The sideburns have been trimmed back, and the mop is cropped. You can't really tell how much weight I've lost from this photo, because I'm not holding up the sign I carry around saying "From 78kg to 75kg - lost weight now ask me how".

Note the creature against the wall in the background over my right shoulder. Man or woman? You be the judge. And what is going on with his/her hair?

I don't know who I was looking at or why I was laughing. But it's good to see young people out, enjoying themselves, and not taking drugs or getting into prostitution. (Which is what most people my age are into.) Good, clean fun. Not out wandering the streets looking for trouble, or driving around and around and around in their souped up cars with that dreadful music blaring from the speakers. Besides which, it's not music - it's just noise. The constant boom-boom-boom, why can't they listen to some tasteful music, like Burl Ives or Bing Crosby? They don't write songs like they used to, all the good music is in the past. These talentless hippies with their long hair and their tatty clothes, can't they at least neaten themselves up? Is it so hard to have a wash every now and then? Not to mention the disgraceful language young people use these days, why, my parents would have beaten me to a pulp if they had heard me carry on like these hooligans do today. No respect, that's what it all boils down to, no respect for their elders, and no respect for themselves. Conscription would sort them all out. Even those nancy-boys.