an idiot in wisconsin

March 2001

Wednesday, 7th March 2001.
Random notes

...from my time in Madison.

  • Tara lives at Drumlin Community Farm. The farm is a CSA (community supported agriculture) farm. That means people "subscribe" for a season's worth of weekly organic vegetables. The community gets a bounty of veggies in good times, and carries the farm through the hard times.

  • drove on the right hand side of the road! Tara feared for her life.

  • went indoor rock climbing - another first!

  • ate more donuts

  • Tara made some "granola" (looked like muesli to me!) and it was good!

  • in fact, it was bloody good

  • mmmmmm, sooooo goooooood

  • the locals call "wurst" "brats"!