an idiot in london


Thursday, 8th June.
Yoda you seek

Another glorious day, and I was thankful that I wasn't in a stuffy office working. Although in my case I would've just been in a stuffy office.

This afternoon I went to St Pauls to have a look around. Well I would have if it hadn't been closed for some reason. Nice. So instead I headed off to the Barbican to spend some quality time there.

I ended up at the gallery, where there was a Star Wars exhibition. Well be still my beating heart. I happily forked out the 10, and went on in.

The exhibition was really cool. There were actual models that were used in the films, there were costumes, interactive displays, early artwork, and storyboards. And there were heaps of hardcore nerds there. Bearded, bespectacled, flat-headed nerds. (I'd like to pause at this moment, and thank all of you who are considering writing me a no doubt witty email asking me if I was in my element, amongst all those nerds.)

In the costumes section there was a selection of masks that you could try on. I nearly got my head stuck in an Imperial Guard helmet. Could've made for an interesting trip home on the tube in peak hour.

There were a couple of shops at the end of the exhibition, and one of them had a poster rack. I could've guessed half of the posters without even looking at them. Included among the posters were posters of Buffy, Pamela Anderson, Gillian Anderson, the "I Believe" poster on the wall of Mulder's office (you know the one I mean), but I was greatly disappointed to find neither a Baywatch poster nor a poster of a skeleton sitting on the dunny.

And guess what...tomorrow I have a day's work at an IT recruitment company. I'll be printing things off the internet! (I am not making this up.)