an idiot in london


Wednesday, 7th June.
Man Of Leisure

Last night I had a World Class Sleep. Oooooh, quality.

I spent the afternoon shopping. I trundled off to the Camden Markets, in...err...Camden. There were heaps of shoe stores, and stacks of clubbing gear. I nearly bought myself a ridiculous jacket, but sanity intervened at the critical moment.

After my brush with shiny nylon, I went into a store that had music of indeterminate origin playing on the PA. They had a whole rack of tracksuit tops, and a lady with a thick accent invited me to try some on. So I did, but none of them were long enough, or they just weren't my colour. I asked her what the music was that was being played. She said it was Turkish. Glad I didn't guess out loud that it was Greek. She then asked me where I was from. Australia, I replied. She told me that I speak very good English. I thanked her.

I ended up buying a couple of shirts at a second-hand shop called Rokit.

Now there was heaps of gear at Rokit. I tried on the shirts I had selected, had a quick squiz at myself in the mirror, and decided to take the pair. Some people take shopping for clothes a little bit more seriously than me. There had been one excruciatingly skinny bloke trying on trousers for the entire time I was in the shop. He was trying on gonad crushers in the main. (Obviously had little concern for his fertility.) He'd don a pair, then parade around in front of the mirrors in the middle of the shop. He was putting on quite a show for everyone else in the store, although he didn't have to grab his arse so much. That was a bit too much.

This evening I did something I hadn't done for a while...I paid for internet access! Blimey!