an idiot in london


Wednesday, 14th June.
St Elmo

Mobile phone ring tones - you have to choose carefully.

Prior to coming to England I had never owned a mobile phone. And I was proud of that. One weekend I borrowed a mobile phone, one of my Mum's old phones in fact, and I was trying to find a ring tone that wouldn't piss me off immensely every time it rang. I spent 30 seconds sitting at my desk finding a regular ring tone, and I swear Travis nearly upped and decked me. Such is the effect of the mobile phone.

(When my phone rang for the first time in London, I sat there for a while thinking that it was remarkable that someone else in the internet cafe where I was had a mobile phone with exactly the same ring tone as mine. Took me probably ten seconds to realise that it was the mobile phone in my pocket ringing.)

There is a woman at work who had the Muppet Show theme as her ring tone. When it's sung by a cute green frog and a host of puppets, it's cool. When it's on a mobile phone, it's annoying as all buggery. But now she has outdone herself.

Now her mobile phone plays the theme from St Elmo's Fire. I am not making this up. I said to the bloke that sits next to her, "What logical thought process could lead someone to believe that the theme from St Elmo's Fire would be a good ring tone on their mobile?"

So of course I've had the bloody theme from St Elmo's Fire stuck in my head (which is already cramped for space due to an unhealthy amount of rock trivia) and later I managed to get that annoying song from the movie stuck in there as know, "St Elmo's Fire (Man In Motion)". Aaaaaaaaaargh!