an idiot in london


Sunday, 2nd July.
Anchors Away!

Have any of you seen the Top Quality Movie Sliding Doors? You know, the one where the bloke from The Mummy has this thing with Ben Affleck's ex-girlfriend. Or was she Brad Pitt's ex? I can't remember. Anyway, you know the bit in the movie where he's leading all his rowing mates in a right old sing-song? Well that's the pub where we watched the final of Euro2000 tonight. It's called the Blue Anchor, and it's in Hammersmith.

There wasn't all that much excitement surrounding the event since once again England's hopeless soccer team failed to get past the first stage of the tournament. The match was between those cheating bastards (well that's what they call them round here) from Italy and those cheating bastards (ibid) from France.

Before the match we had kebabs! Rockin'! First kebab I've had since I left Australia. It was good, but not as good as the ones we'd get from the Queen Vic Market. Even when you didn't ask, they'd put hair in the kebab for you. Now that's customer service.

At half-time I had a good look round at the decor of the pub. There were a few rowing shells, rowing paraphernalia, and a collection of military helmets. Figure that one out.

The match itself was a ripper. Except that those dirty French bastards won.