an idiot in london


Tuesday, 18th July.

"I'm at the driving range."
"Well it's fine for some!"
"I'm a man of leisure, I can do what I want!"

Jules and I headed down to Chiswick this afternoon for a crack on the driving range. Ian and Jules - the idle rich.

Jules was working on his new swing. I was doing no-one any favours. I'd pull a club from his bag, hit a ball long and straight, say "Well I've mastered that one", put the club back in the bag, select another, repeat sequence with new club.

While at the range I had a phonecall from my temp agency, offering me work starting tomorrow. I pointed out that I was interrupting my golf practice, and it was most inconvenient having to take a call on the driving range. Fine for some, was the reply from the temp agency. I refrained from pointing out that if they'd found me some work earlier I wouldn't be at the driving range on a weekday.