an idiot in germany


Thursday, 19th October.

After battling hordes of German teenagers at breakfast I headed off to the city. I organised my travels for Friday, then went to the Hauptbahnhof.

The guided tour of Dachau Concentration Camp left from the Hauptbahnhof. There were six or seven other Australians on the tour, and they weren't particularly friendly.

The drizzle was persistent as we walked around the stark grounds of the old concentration camp. Greyness permeated everything.

I ate dinner at an "Italian" trattoria near the youth hostel. I ordered spaghetti napoli, and I was given something that looked and tasted like warmed-up Heinz spaghetti. And I copped some attitude from the skinny waiter!

Now what's the deal with Canadians? Yesterday I discovered that one of the blokes in my room is Canadian. In fact he's from Toronto. And this evening another bloke is staying in the room, and guess where he's from? Yes, bloody Toronto!