an idiot in london


Speakers Corner
A little story with pictures

by me, Ian.

I went to Speakers Corner on the last Sunday in July. The crowd flowed in a slow moving current, clinging to a speaker then moving on to the next.

...and you stir through the mushrooms.  Beautiful!

The speakers enjoyed explaining the finer points to some of the dim-witted members of the crowd.

Mick Malthouse

above: This bloke just stood there.

My dog has no nose!

above and below: I could not understand a word he said. Not that it matters.


It's an occasion where one should dress appropriately.

...and you shake it all about

above: This fella was full-on. Got everyone stirred up. Except me. Takes a team wearing navy blue to get me excited these days.

Well how about this one: There's an Irishman, an Englishman and an Australian...

above: Two members of the crowd have a full and frank exchange. The bloke on the left was banging on about creationism in a none-too-eloquent fashion, and the bloke on the right (put a shirt on man!) was an American who subscribed to the theory of evolution. (as well as TV Week and Big Truckin' Monthly) He was an arrogant bastard too. The lady in the background was looking at me. Obviously.

Quiet in the cheap seats!

All anarchists drink mineral water

above and below: An anarchist. The least convincing anarchist going round. "I have no answers!" he proclaimed. Fool! He looked like a bloke who was doing fairly well out of the current system.

Mummy said I could be an anarchist when I grew up