an idiot in melbourne


February 14 - 21.
Last stop: Melbourne

I timed my visit to Melbourne to see Carlton play a pre-season match against the team formerly known as Footscray. It was being played at the ahem "much-maligned" Docklands stadium. I met up with Andrew (another Carlton supporter) outside the ground before the match. We found seats (an easy task given that the crowd was on first-name terms) on the wing.

During the first quarter a bloke in the bay next to us was going completely mental! He was cheering everything the Blues did, laying into the umpires, going right off basically. After about ten minutes of this he apologised to everyone around him. "It's been a long, boring cricket season!" he said.

After the match we went to an Irish Pub (against my principles, but anyway...) to watch Andrew's brother's band play. The band members have a competition each week to see who could bring the most friends and relatives to the gig. Can't remember who won.

Another highlight of my brief stay in Melbourne was buying a kebab from the kebab joint at the Queen Vic Markets. Hey, things have changed there! It almost looks hygienic!

Otherwise, lots of catching-up and reminiscing. All my friends are buying houses! They're growing up! Getting all responsible-like! Following my lead, obviously.

All too soon it was time for me to leave again. In the breaking dawn I was whisked away to the airport.

Was I ready for more adventures?

Oh yeah!