an idiot in london


Sunday, 3rd December.

"Do you want to go to a trivia night?" Damy asked me. I didn't need asking twice.

In the end there were only three of us: me, Damy and Tim. Tim is yet another Ispur. We trundled down to the venue (a pub in the posh part of Hammersmith) and bagged ourselves a table. After much deliberation, we named our team "Ron Manager and his Cockfighters". It's a long, unfunny story. (My team name of "A Dingo Took My Baby" met with blank looks.)

The trivia night is a regular event at this pub, with funds being raised for some blind bloke. Which is a good thing. It's popular too - people cram into this little pub to take part. The team opposite us were the Big Guns - they had a team of six, and looked like the type that would know all kinds of useless stuff. Which is a strange thing to say, but anyway...

(One of the women on their team was wearing a Hawaiian shirt, and had greasy hair. Don't know why I noticed. Maybe it was the way the light reflected off it.)

We did ok, we didn't embarrass ourselves. The quizmaster tried to slip the old "Which country's flag is green and green only?" one past me, but that won't fool little me.