an idiot in london


Sunday, 17th December.
This is Planet Earth

The wait was over. Sunday 17th December - Duran Duran LIVE at Wembley Arena.

But first of all I needed a hair cut - the mop hadn't been chopped since mid-October. My hair was huge. So I trundled round to the Dawes Road Palace, and Mo opened up the Chop Shop. "I'm a founding member of the Chop Shop," said Mo proudly.

One number 1 later I returned to fun-filled Mirabel Road where The Couple were watching tv. They were a bit taken aback at my hair, but I figure that's a good thing.

"I'm off to a concert tonight!" I said, hoping to start a conversation with my livewire flatmates.
"Oh," said Brendan, "who are you seeing?"
"Umm, guess!" I really am trying my best to brighten up the place.
"Well you have pretty weird taste in music, so I wouldn't know what to guess." said Mr Capital FM.
"Duran Duran!"
"Are they still alive?" I resisted the urge to thump Brendan. Sensing that my attempt at a lively conversation had failed miserably, I finished getting ready and left the house.

When I arrived at Wembley the support band was playing. They were like the B-52's, but not as good. (Somebody went under a dock, and there he saw a rock. It wasn't a rock. It was a rock lobster!) Two highlights of their set: a Violent Femmes cover and the end of their set.

The crowd: the concert was sold-out, and I was one of the youngest people there. And at the risk of stating the bloody obvious, I'm not as young as I used to be.

The band walked out onto stage, proving that either Duran Duran aren't dead, or scientists have somehow managed to re-animate their corpses. (Can you imagine a group of scientists discover that they can bring people back to life, who should they revive first? Einstein? Walt Disney? Richard Nixon? No, they choose Duran Duran! Wise choice.)

There was no doubt about it: the majority of the crowd were there to hear all Duran Duran's old stuff. And they obliged, although for some unknown reason they failed to play The Reflex. Hey break my heart fellas, why don't ya! But in the middle of the set they played Ordinary World, which was pretty amazing.

I was the only person in my immediate vicinity that knew any of the new Duran Duran stuff. Hmm.

At one point Simon Le Bon attempted the old "jump off the drum riser" stunt, but let me tell you it ain't 1984 anymore! Nah, he gets about alright for an old geezer.

It was raining as I emerged into the darkness.

Only came outside to watch the night fall with the rain...