an idiot in london


Thursday, 14th December.
Six weeks

In my last sunny entry, I mentioned that Brendan is slack, to put it one way, about doing the washing up. Well since I vented my spleen in glorious 1s and 0s, there has been an improvement! I suspect he might be getting Emily to do the washing up, but I don't care as long as one of them does it! (Maybe they're reading this website, and just aren't telling me? Well here's another hint Brendan - your room stinks! You can smell it as you walk by in the hall.)

Now I have been making an effort to be friendly to them. Emily was up and about as I was getting ready for work this morning, and I said hello to her, which was a big effort for pre-shower Ian. Then a cheery "see ya!" as I ran out the door.

This evening, as I sat sprawled on the couch, I heard Emily come in. What followed is entirely typical of what goes on at Mirabel Road. She pottered about in the kitchen, ate some food (in the kitchen), spent some quality time in the bathroom and then went to bed. All without even popping her head round the door in the living room and saying hi to me! Ok, ok, she might've been in a bad mood and felt particularly uncommunicative, but this is the way it goes any time they come home while I'm in the house! What a sociable pair.

Six weeks and I'm outta there.