an idiot in london


Wednesday, 2nd August.

Read another book at work today. Slightly longer, I didn't finish it until after 4pm. Oh please, someone give me some work.

The soccer pre-season is well underway here in England. Tonight premier league Tottenham (my affliction) were playing away to Fulham. I toddled down to the ground with Jules and Rich. They forced me to stand on the Hammersmith Terrace with the home support, so I had to shut up for the entire match. No easy feat, let me tell you!

The game ended up a 0-0 draw, not even one for the purists, truth be known. But at half-time Fulham FC once again delivered in the entertainment stakes. A celebrity penalty shootout was staged! In goal was a bloke called Pugsy. Bemused looks on the terrace. The PA announced that Pugsy is Fulham's kit manager. Good grief. Then a string of unknown celebrities were trotted out. Some sheila from Gladiators got the biggest cheer of the lot, but that was when she took off her coat. Some Australian kept screaming out support for Pugsy. CAHMAAAAAAAHHHHHHNNNNNNN PUGSY! It was embarrassing really. These Australians have no shame. Although perhaps if he had been muzzled in the first half, it would be understandable for him to let off steam at half time.