an idiot in london


Saturday, 22nd April.
Get some culture into ya

I needed to do a spot of "practical shopping", ie I had to buy a few unexciting things. Mox recommended a shop which turned out to be delightfully overpriced. Hardly surprising, because it happened to be on Kings Road. As in Kings Road, Chelsea.

So I left the store emptyhanded, and decided to have a look at the famed Kings Road. Kings Road, home of high fashion, the place to be seen, where the rich and famous stroll, where label names adorn every shopping bag and shop window.

I saw an old Italian bloke swearing in broken English, a few families, some teenagers with more money than sense (narrows it down, how about I clarify by calling them teenagers with more money money money than sense) and a shoe-shop called R Soles. Very classy. I pretended to buy some sneakers at a sports store, then decided it was time to go home and watch some footy.

That's right, footy! The Real Thing! Thirty-six blokes, a bit of inflated leather, and 42000 deluded souls at the Docklands. Alas the game being broadcast was Bulldogs vs Bombers, but I was so hungry for footy I was prepared to watch. A bemused and hungover Mox watched on, as I started berating the umpires of a match which held no interest for me, and that happened a week ago on the other side of the world.

Having had my dose of culture, I decided to head to the National Art Gallery. I've never had to queue for an exhibition before. (For those of you who are interested and/or over-educated, the exhibition was called Seeing Salvation: the Image of Christ, and was a collection of artworks depicting various aspects of Christ, and the changing ways, styles and media artists have used to express those elements of Christ. Really, I'm not the cultural ignoramus many of you think me to be!)