an idiot in london


Wednesday, 12th April.

At the Dawes Road Palace, everyone keeps their keys in the same place, and that way everyone knows who's "in" or "out".

My keys don't have a distinctive keyring, just a plain old metal keyring. "We have to get you a keyring mate" said Jules. "We could get him a Rover keyring" suggested Simon eagerly.

I said that I was quite happy with just a plain keyring. Everyone knew that the plain keyring was me, and that was just fine by me.

This morning I thundered down the stairs, late for work (I have been stunningly prompt for work recently) and when I went to grab my keys I saw it. A home-made keytag: a piece of paper with IANS KEYS written on it. Magic.

(No apostrophe indicating ownership, but I didn't mention that. Their parents paid a lot of money for their education.)